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It is that time of year again when Christmas cookies and treats abound. As parents of kids following dietary protocols for their health we cringe at the approach of Christmas events filled with a huge assortment of food that is off limits. Having to say no to our kids in these situations is tough and can really pull at our heart strings. It is during these times of year that parents are most likely to give in and allow cheat treats. I've organized this little cookie swap as a way for families to stay on track AND allow for yummy christmasy treats that will not derail all your hard work.

Just because you are eating for your health doesn't mean you have to miss out on the holiday treats! A Christmas cookie swap is the perfect plan to get a variety of delectable delights. Bring 2 dozen cookies (rules to follow)) and an empty cookie tin for collecting your goodies. Whether you are a seasoned grain free guru or a newbie to this way of life you can come and join in the fun. I will provide tea and refreshments while we sample. This is a beautiful chance to connect with other people walking a similar path.

If you are not a parent but would like to get in on the cookie goodness that is great too!

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