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Feel better everyday as you see the real, tangible results of this practice. Meditate to discover all the answers within you.

Through in-person and web-based sessions, we will guide you to meditate with a practical and powerful meditation method. Our objective goes beyond temporary relaxation: the goal is to make fundamental, lasting improvements in your state of mind.​

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Better Sleep Meditation

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Hi Meetup members,

Regular meditation practice brings gratitude. We find ourselves ever grateful for our inner peace and comfort. We would like to share that with you during a nighttime meditation. Twice a week we will have free guided meditation to promote relaxation leading into a restful sleep.

Free Guided Meditations

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10pm. Simply get a ticket and we will send you login information.

Please join us for our other free guided events to promote a happy healthy community!

Nature's Flow Yoga

Online event

We use a simple and comfortable vinyasa flow. To bring calmness, we use breath-to-movement exercises. Specific poses are performed to ease tension and improve flexibility in muscles and joints.

Yoga and meditation are combined in this class. Find your true nature using our progressive form of meditation. Stress, anxiety, and worry are the result of a false mind. Our true nature is obscured by this false mind that we created. Learn to discard this to find true peace and happiness. Find your best form of self-care for body, mind, and spirit through this practice.

Meditation for Beginners

Online event

Have you ever wondered what meditation is really about? As meditation has made its way into popular culture, there has been an influx of available information sure to overwhelm the aspiring meditator. Join us every Friday at 5pm and let us break it all down for you in a fun and interactive virtual Q&A session. Is meditation just for monks? Do I have to sit in full lotus position? What about my current spiritual practice? Don’t miss this unique chance to indulge your curiosities and have all of your questions answered by experienced meditators.

Meditation for Stress Relief

Online event

Through meditation practice we can find the roots of our stress and eliminate them for good. We show you how to focus your attention and eliminate the stream of images and jumbled thoughts that crowd our minds causing stress.

You can enhance self-awareness, improve overall health, lengthen attention span, and feel amazingly positive about life. Eliminate stress and anxiety with this relaxing guided meditation. You owe it to yourself to be stress free and your best self for your family, and your community.

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Inspirational Meditation

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