'Augmented Reality' | Rob Petrosino & Robert Gallione (Peak Activity)

Palm Beach Tech Meetup 🌴
Palm Beach Tech Meetup 🌴
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Palm Beach Tech Talks🌴 are monthly happy hours to network, learn and engage with local technology & entrepreneurial leaders that have experiences to share!

Rob Petrosino | VP Innovation @ Peak Activity
At PeakActivity, Rob spearheads the development of emerging technologies with a sincere motivation to inspire and deliver unique experiences for customers. Rob is widely known for his keen insights on cutting-edge technology and his ability to deliver returns on innovation-focused investments. With a passion for all things digital, Rob finds great success in making concepts come to life and expanding business horizons with new growth strategies.

Robert Gallione, Lead Technical Architect @ Peak Activity
At PeakActivity, Robert is known for his high-level strategies and detailed delivery. He is passionate about building ideas and bringing business dreams to life through technology, which shines through in his work with partners. As someone who embraces the opportunities found in challenges, Robert excels in developing innovative solutions that deliver on performance and functionality.

''The Reality of Augmented Reality"

PeakActivity is a technology and marketing consultancy focused on helping enterprises achieve long-term, profitable, and scalable growth through better insights, superior talent, and game-changing technology. Utilizing a three-step approach (Dream, Deliver, Elevate), we partner with enterprises to accelerate growth through digital innovation while working in a highly communicative, embedded team model. That means clients get dedicated, cross-functional teams that work in tandem with client resources to deliver quick wins tied to long-term strategy.

We lead strategic and tactical efforts, while providing status updates every step of the way. We take pride in not only delivering innovation, but in finding and nurturing great talent with diverse professional backgrounds. Together, our expertise is broad and deep, spanning a range of industries and offering a wellspring of experience
in design, engineering, technology, and marketing.

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