'Recession-Proof Marketing and Sales' | Tom King (Enrollment Resources)

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'Recession-Proof Marketing and Sales'
In this presentation, Tom King and Scott Spitolnik from Enrollment Resources will provide 13 great tips on how to thrive and not just survive during this tough time for many businesses and schools.

More millionaires are made during a recession. Why? Because they innovate and take advantage of technology to enhance their top line.

In this interactive session, takeaways will include:
1. Website conversion rate optimization - Generate more leads with what you have without spending a fortune
2. Virtual Sales and Admissions Best Practices - Get your team enrolling more or selling more by using best practice technology, tactics, training, and techniques

Tom King | SVP @ Enrollment Resources
He focuses on evaluating and improving the sales, marketing, and retention processes for colleges to help improve their conversion rates and drive explosive growth in enrollment and revenue. Tom increased his own college's enrollment from 380 students to over 1,400 in his first seven years while serving as the Director of Admissions, Marketing, and Training. He has also run Career Services, Financial Aid, IT, and Corporate Development teams allowing for insight into every aspect of school operations. His focus is on coaching schools on how to implement bulletproof and scalable systems, hiring and coaching great teams, delivering a world-class product, and creating continuous process improvements based on implementing ongoing positive changes to drive major efficiency improvements.

Enrollment Resources focuses on helping businesses achieve conversion breakthroughs in your enrollment/sales management process — Squeezing every last ounce of value from your marketing budget, and every last opportunity out of your admissions and retention efforts, without bloating your budget. We’ve created services and tools to successfully take you through a conversion breakthrough process that will transform your business.

:5 Minutes | Introductions
:5 Minutes | Sponsor
:20 Minute TED Style Talk
:15 Minutes | Q&A

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