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“This is a group for anyone interested in Data Science, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine/Deep Learning etc. All skill levels are welcome. I started this group to meet other Data Science and AI ML enthusiasts. Looking forward to exploring the Data Science with everybody.”

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$50!! Online Remote Python for Data Science, AI/ML and Data Eng

$50!! Python for Data Science & AI/ML/DL training Use promo code 10PCT for 10% off!! Erudition Inc. is offering 2 days training in Python for Data Science training. Python is new Microsoft Excel. Python is an essential skill and a requirement for many technology jobs today. Erudition is offering in-depth Python for data science training. No background programming knowledge is needed for this course and there are no pre-requisites. We will learn by doing small projects and give you complete understanding of full python stack from basic object oriented programming concepts to data science packages like NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib and pandas. Time Date : July 4-5 9AM to 6PM Location: Zoom Online Link: https://erudition.eventbrite.com Price: USD 50.00 Instructor: Bhairav Mehta Bhairav Mehta is Principal Data Scientist at Microsoft Azure Enterprise Security and Operating System team. He has 16 years experience in Analytics and Data Science space at various fortune 100 companies like Apple (9 years), Qualcomm (4 years), Ford (3 years) etc. Bhairav Mehta is academician and tenured faculty at various Bay area Universities. Bhairav Mehta has taught 1000s of students in AI, ML and Big Data technologies over last 5 years. Bhairav Mehta recently completed Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Expert certification. He is already AWS Solution Architect professional certified. He also give talks at Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), IEEE Computer Science society, Global Big Data and AI conferences, Open Data science conference and other forums. Bhairav Mehta has 5 graduate degrees from top institutes: MS Computer Science (GeorgiaTech), MBA (Cornell University), MS Statistics (Cornell University) etc. Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mehtabhairav/­ Erudition Website: http://www.eruditionsiliconvalley.com Bhairav Mehta talk videos and other conference proceedings: https://bit.ly/2MrMbGV­ What is this course about? This course is comprehensive course in Python for Data Science. Learn to use powerful, open-source, Python tools, including Pandas, Git and Matplotlib, to manipulate, analyze, and visualize complex datasets. This course will introduce you to a collection of powerful, open-source, tools needed to analyze data and to conduct data science. Specifically, you’ll learn how to use: After completing this course, you’ll be able to find answers within large datasets by using python tools to import data, explore it, analyze it, learn from it, visualize it, and ultimately generate easily sharable reports. By learning these skills, you’ll also become a member of a world-wide community which seeks to build data science tools, explore public datasets, and discuss evidence-based findings. Course is 90% hands on and will be taught using Google Colab or Kaggle Kernel Cloud based GPU/TPU based Jupyter type notebook. Students will be confident to build their own full stack end to end Data Science applications by end of the class.Schedule: ¥ IPython: Beyond Normal Python ¥ Introduction to NumPy ¥ Data Manipulation with Pandas ¥ Visualization with Matplotlib ¥ Python Deep Dive ¥ Working with Data and Database ¥ Working with text and unstructured data ¥ Machine / Deep Learning and AI based learning ¥ Python Data Science Projects Each topic includes codes and explanation step-by-step.Students will get 4 books on Python Data Science, Data Munging. ETL and Python Application development.Thanks Bhairav Mehta URL: https://eruditionsiliconvalley.com Phone#[masked] Email: [masked]

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