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Hello everyone,

My name is Perla, I have already started a group but I was out the country for a while and my subscription to this site expired. Therefore, here I am trying to get this group back up again.

I am a current college student attending Canada College in RedwooD City. I wanted to start this group because I could never make it to all the deaf events across the Bay Area or down south in the Peninsula and so I thought of creating this group in hopes to make it bigger than just a small together, I have so many things planned for this group including volunteering work and fun events around the City and the mid-peninsula. Baby steps right now.

I started to learn sign language in high school purely because I wanted to know a new language and French wasn't my favourite top choice. I have worked with special needs children who relied on sign language that sparked an interest of what the language was before I know it I was meeting deaf and hard of hearing people and attending sign language classes wherever they were offered.

I wanted to create a group near me and in hopes there are others who want to practice and learn but can't travel far.

Everyone is welcomed: hearing, deaf, hard of hearing. Let's get to know another and learn from each other.

***I am not very social but I do try my best to get out and talk to others so if you ever meet or join in and I get a bit awkward I apologise in advance-

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