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What we’re about

Therapeutic writing is about self discovery, telling your stories, and healing.  This group is for people who want to write their way out of difficulties either in the present or from the past.  We will write during the meetings and you have the choice to share.  You do not need any writing experience and any form of writing, such as free writing, journal entries, fiction, or poetry is fine. I provide the writing prompts and show you how to open up your creativity.  I also work to keep the process safe. Privacy and confidentiality are an important part of safety. No critiquing happens in this group. If you are interested in writing for personal growth and healing, this group will give you the opportunity to do that.  Self expression in the form of writing is a way to find, claim, and speak your voice. You have a lot to say, but you may not know how to say it, or feel safe giving voice to your true feelings. When people come together to share in a personal way, strong bonds of support can form and this is an important part of how we heal. In addition, the rewards of writing in a group can be interesting, enjoyable, and add to your confidence about your ability to be creative.  

The charge for each meeting is $40. The group meets in my office in Palo Alto.

I have worked with many groups and individuals and with myself using writing as a vehicle for healing. There is something precious and powerful about connecting with life's experiences through writing.  You are welcome to visit my website to learn more about writing for healing.