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Panda's English: Practice English with an American Tutor

Don't get bored, keep learning English at home and chat with new friends. This group is designed to help families learn English with American teachers and continue to learn online at home while we are at home.

This group is very suitable for families, especially families with children and tiger mothers! Parents, mother tigers, fathers and aunts join our team and bring your family together! English courses are suitable for all ages!

Parents join and let your children of all ages learn this family style English together. Let's practice English together as a family. Let's learn English happily-don't get bored!

Classes are held weekly and monthly. Classes will be fun in this boring and challenging time!

Help us build an online and physical community of friends. Meet others and take part in face-to-face courses with our online courses and real-life face-to-face courses.

If you have any questions or concerns about English, you can always practice English with our American teachers through online courses.

We offer group courses for 180 RMB.
We offer private lessons of RMB 250 (1: 1).
Each meeting is 30 minutes.

Regular meetings will be held with our host in Beijing, China. The address of the meeting has not yet been determined. The current meeting will take place online.

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