• Worldspeak: Mining Multilingual Social Media

    Impact Hub Zürich - Colab

    It's on short notice but absolutely worth attending! This week's out-of-date Pantalk in cooperation with the Impact Hub Zurich. We'll be hosting Rohini Srihari, a professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering University at Buffalo, The State University of New York who is specialized in the areas of artificial intelligence, multimedia information retrieval, computational linguistics and text mining. She is an author of over 150 papers in computer science, including two US patents, which are well-cited (h-index > 30) and supervised ten doctoral dissertations. Most recently she has been writing technology articles for the general public, e.g., internet of everything, personalized marketing, etc. Rohini Srihari will be talking about Multilingual Text Mining. With the exponential rise in the use of social media throughout the world, there is a compelling need for efficient and flexible approaches to multilingual natural processing technology. Traditional approaches involving multiphase syntactic and syntactic processing do not scale up for this new environment that reflects phenomena such as ad-hoc transliteration schemes and code-switching. This talk will present various techniques for mining multilingual social media, or “worldspeak” as we refer to it. Rohini Srihari's Bio: https://cedar.buffalo.edu/~rohini/

  • Building a startup with open source software and as little code as possible

    Got a cool startup idea but have no idea how to code? Don't want to spend all your hard earned cash on Amazon AWS? Need hipster landing pages but you can barely use MS Paint? Well, maybe Chris can help. He's been teaching Computer Science and working in the industry for longer than Google has been guessing your gender and age. Most of his work is research consulting and he has a bunch of tools (for mobile and web) that can help you: * Save money * Reduce boilerplate code * Utilise open source software * Save server costs * Manage your startup and reach out Come to the talk and you'll build a (BASIC) startup from scratch LIVE, based on your feedback and input. You'll be writing some code BUT this will be a light overview on each of these, with links to resources to go further if you want to. For the technical details, you'll be using: * Hasura and GraphQL (backend) * VueJS (web) * Flutter (mobile) * Hugo (landing page) * LetsEncrypt (SSL) Chris Gwilliams is a Scientist with a disturbing love for automation, data collection and wearables. We're excited to welcome you and him back to another Pantalk at the Loft Corner at Impact Hub Zürich!

  • Virtual Reality in Transportation Design

    Impact Hub Zürich Colab

    by Lukas von Niederhäusern (https://twitter.com/Lukas_Vision11) - expert for Immersive Media, founder of Vision 11 (http://www.vision11.ch/) During the process of procuring new trains for the city of Liverpool, Virtual Reality was used for the first time. The trains can thus be explored by the customer in life-size. Various concepts have been simulated in close co-operation with the industrial designers at Nose and support the decision-making in the numerous workshops. The simulation was also used locally in Liverpool to convince various stakeholders of the procurement. Lukas is an expert for Immersive Media and founder of Vision 11. He'll give us a lot of valuable insights into the exciting process and the cooperation in design, engineering and with the customer.

  • Ionic v4, web components, shadow dom and beyond

    Impact Hub Zürich Colab

    Fluster (https://fluster.io/), your simple and open source search for roommates has been recently upgraded to Ionic v4. In this talk, David will highlight some key features of this new version of the framework and will also introduce some concepts like web components, shadow dom, slots or css4 variables which comes along. Finally, he will try to wrap everything in a quick demo. David Dal Busco (https://twitter.com/daviddalbusco) is the founder of Fluster and the organizer of the Ionic Zürich Meetup. He is also a freelance developer and project manager and generally speaking, kind of a Swiss pocketknife engineer when it comes to the development of web and mobile applications.

  • Pantalk canceled

    Impact Hub Zürich Colab

    Dear Pantendees We're sorry to announce that tomorrows Pantalk has to be canceled due to a series of events, making it impossible to host a talk. We'll be back next month, on October 16, 2018 - the talk's topic will be announced soon, so stay tuned! We apologize for any inconvenience. Happy Monday, the Pantalk Team

  • Interactive fiction adequacy

    Impact Hub Zürich Colab

    “Interactive fiction adequacy” proposes models, methods, and standards as a means to implement the principle of adequacy in interactive fiction. By nature, they will tend to enhance the impact of the theme of the story on the player. The modeling aims for story automation and individualisation. The standards are about the models, mainly that of the character, about data formats, and about story description diagrams. The talk aims for the deconstruction of this concept and of its significance for VR/AR. Alève Mine is a science fiction author, EPFL MSc. in microengineering, the only multilingual female scifi/action film actor and director with serious martial arts experience to whom the above applies. Founder and lead of the Zurich VR/AR meetup group. www.alevemine.com

  • AI Community Launch: Workshop "Applied AI to solve current societal challenges"

    We are gonna change things up a bit for the next time: Namely, we are going to give the stage to a new AI community (to be announced on the 19th) which is establishing itself in Zürich this summer. They are an eclectic community of developers, entrepreneurs, researchers, policymakers, regulators and citizens who aspire to build dependable and trusted solutions of applied AI to solving current societal challenges. This includes AI systems, especially in collaborative settings that support de-siloed and cross-domain reuse. In other words, fostering trusted AI interoperability across different development platforms. Another goal of theirs is to educate in the considerable potential of AI solutions and prevent over-inflated expectation and fear. We find this an important cause - and are therefore here to support them! Let's join forces at their workshop on "How we can mobilize the impacts of AI in an interactive and comprehensible way to the broader public and for the benefit of societal good? "

  • Crypto Economics

    Impact Hub Zürich Colab

    «Crypto Economics» is a semi-technical introduction into blockchain technology with a focus on the potential of the blockchain to change the way we organise our lives. Simon will talk about the current financial system - its strengths and weaknesses and will compare it to blockchain based solutions. This talk will explain how distributed consensus is reached in a trust-less system and how proof of work mining works. He'll even go further into the concept of smart contracts and how “smart” or not they are. Simon will try to ignite your enthusiasm about the new way of thinking how we can build our future together in an open and decentralised way. Simon Emanuel Schmid (http://www.schmid.io/) is Head of UX/Front-end at Melonport (https://melonport.com/) and aims to make the blockchain easily understandable and usable.

  • BLOCKv TGE (Token Generating Event) - What we did and what we learned

    BLOCKv (https://blockv.io/) provides a platform for virtual goods that can be recorded on the Blockchain. By adding an experiential layer on top of Blockchain, virtual goods come alive as 3D model, animated artwork, music or video. In October 2017 BLOCKv raised $22 Mio. during their TGE. In this presentation, Andreas will show how they tested their smart contracts and share their learnings. >> This talk will focus on the tech part and is not a guide on how to do your own TGE.

  • Tokenisation of assets on the blockchain - the TEND way

    Impact Hub Zürich Colab

    TEND (https://tendswiss.com/) is a blockchain company that tokenizes real luxury assets onto the Ethereum blockchain. By tokenizing the world’s most precious and beautiful objects and making them available to a much broader audience, TEND’s vision is to create a positive impact on society and to enrich people’s life. TEND is located in Zug, Switzerland, the Swiss Crypo Valley, and was founded by Marco Abele (https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcoabele/). Marco is the Former Chief Digital Officer of Private, Retail & Corporate Banking at Credit Suisse with an 18 years banking track record including at Deutsche Bank. He was voted top 100 bankers and top 100 Digital Shapers of Switzerland. During his talk, Marco will explain how the tokenisation of assets on the blockchain will change the future and introduce TEND, the trailblazing blockchain app. Also he will share some insights on the ongoing token sale which is in accordance with Swiss law, how it differs from other ICOs and the learnings from TEND so far.