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They are basically identical – but held at different venues.

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PAPERBACK WRITER – Canford Cliffs library

Canford Cliffs Library

*FACILITATING AUTHENTIC WRITING – IN A SAFE SPACE… FIRST HALF OF THE MEETING – we will continue in future meetings with the first half being on themes regarding matters of pollution. You can write your own short pieces, or even long pieces – or you could bring something that you have read somewhere. You can even just talk about it for a while – regarding one of your interests. Also you do not have to bring any pieces on pollution – you can just listen to anything others have brought. THE SECOND HALF OF THE MEETING – this is for any pieces that you have personally written – whether it be poetry, just short little curious notes on something you saw in the street, in a park or wherever – or more serious writings that you’re working on. All is welcome. Or you can just listen – regarding the second half if you wish. JJ. As per the top line – by facilitating – this includes – providing one with a space and encouragement to describe or express whatever… Facilitating and understanding authentic writing ‘I write therefore I am’. or 'therefore I become'. No experience necessary – could even be an advantage **BUT YOUR WRITING CAN BE FACILITATED – IN SO MANY WAYS *Writing of course – can access a form of personal development in ways which can catch one by surprise – regardless of whether one wanted anything published or not. I've had a few pieces etc published. One in particular that I was pleased with – a short story in a book called ‘RD Laing – Creative Destroyer’ – published 1997’ I gave a short talk a few years back on BBC radio on 'Anxiety States'. I write on authenticity & comedies on authenticity. Had many decades of involvement with attachment theory, existentialism & alternative therapeutic communities (in London). Apart from that – many years back – about 25 pieces published in relatively small circulation magazines (variously for discussion groups, poetry clubs and contemporary therapy organisations – in London). Also around another 10 articles on 2 of my websites – in the area of therapy & alternative therapeutic communities on one website – and on the surprising history of Dorset on another website.

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PAPERBACK WRITER – Canford Cliffs library

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