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PWL Belfast #4 - "Idle Time Garbage Collection Scheduling"

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Papers We Love Belfast is pleased to announce our fourth event, sponsored by Flax & Teal! This time, we're delighted to welcome Michael Jason Smith presenting a Research at Google paper, Idle Time Garbage Collection Scheduling!


Efficient garbage collection is increasingly important in today’s managed language runtime systems that demand low latency, low memory consumption, and high throughput. Garbage collection may pause the application for many milliseconds to identify live memory, free unused memory, and compact fragmented regions of memory, even when employing concurrent garbage collection. In animation-based applications that require 60 frames per second, these pause times may be observable, degrading user experience. This paper introduces idle time garbage collection scheduling to increase the responsiveness of applications by hiding expensive garbage collection operations inside of small, otherwise unused idle portions of the application’s execution, resulting in smoother animations.


Doors open at 6.30 pm and the presentation will begin at 7 pm. There will be some food (incl vegan options), beers and lemonade afterwards.

After Michael presents the paper, we will open up the floor to discussion and questions. We hope that you'll read the paper before the meetup, but don't stress if you can't. If you have any questions, thoughts, or related information, feel free to twitter (, or add to the discussion on this event's thread.

Never read a paper before? Try this ([masked]-advice-on-reading-academic-papers.html) or this ( to help you get started :)

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