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Automatically RESTful Web Applications

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Kyle P. and Jesse A.


Greetings friends and neighbors!

Jesse will be presenting and leading discussion on Jay McCarthy's 2009 paper Automatically RESTful Web Applications. From the abstract:

"Continuation-based Web servers provide distinct advantages over traditional Web application development: expressive power and modularity. This power leads to fewer errors and more interesting applications. Furthermore, these Web servers are more than prototypes; they are used in some real commercial applications. Unfortunately, they pay a heavy price for the additional power in the form of lack of scalability.

"We fix this key problem with a modular program transformation that produces scalable, continuation-based Web programs based on the REST architecture. Our programs use the same features as non-scalable, continuation-based Web programs, so we do not sacrifice expressive power for performance. In particular, we allow continuation marks in Web programs. Our system uses 10 percent (or less) of the memory required by previous approaches."

Please join us! Come well-RESTed. ­čĹő

Link to paper:
Zimmerstra├če 23, 10969 ┬Ě Berlin
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