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Steve Willis — Advertising Entanglement Capabilities in Quantum Networking

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Background for the Internet Draft "Advertising Entanglement Capabilities in Quantum Networks”

Quantum communications - the exchange of quantum information between remote systems - is evolving from simple point-to-point communication to a general purpose multi-hop network.

Developing this extended capability introduces a new spin to a familiar set of networking problems :

What’s unique about quantum information transfer?
How does quantum mechanics hinder and help the transfer of quantum information?
How do you build a general purpose network that supports quantum information transfer?

I will try to explain, to an audience familiar with networking, how entanglement, teleportation, and swapping might be combined with classical IP networking and routing to build a quantum network.

From the draft abstract : "This document describes the use of link-state routing protocols on classical links in Quantum Networks. It contains proposals for additions to the IS-IS and OSPF protocols in order for them to transport relevant information for a Quantum Network, specifically, for the creation and manipulation of entangled pairs. The document will describe some of the necessary attributes and some suggestions of how this information may be used. No Schrodinger's cats were harmed in the creation of this document.

Steve Willis was the co-founder of Wellfleet Communications and an organizer of the NYC Quantum Computing Meetup.


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