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BP-HUG/PWL - The essence of functional programming

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Hi Everybody,

Update: We'll start a bit later than planned. There will be another event before ours, so come at 19 o'clock at the earliest, and we start around 19:15!

I started it, so it's only fair that I should give the first presentation in this meetup.:)

My talk will be based on Philip Wadler's The essence of functional programming paper (


"This paper explores the use monads to structure functional programs. No prior knowledge of monads or category theory is required.

Monads increase the ease with which programs may be modified. They can mimic the effect of impure features such as exceptions, state, and continuations; and also provide effects not easily achieved with such features. The types of a program reflect which effects occur.

The first section is an extended example of the use of monads. A simple interpreter is modified to support various extra features: error messages, state, output, and non-deterministic choice. The second section describes the relation between monads and continuation-passing style. The third section sketches how monads are used in a compiler for Haskell that is written in Haskell."

I hope that after this, we will hold regular meetups, so if you feel that you a paper that is close to your heart, please contact me, and we'll arrange a time for your talk also.

If you have questions or suggestions please contact me also, I'm open to all suggestions!