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Phil Freeman on Principal type-schemes for functional programs

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This month, Phil Freeman will present"Principal type-schemes for functional programs (" by Damas and Milner.

The Damas-Hindley-Milner type system is a classical system for the first-order polymorphic lambda calculus, and the ML family of programming languages. This paper introduces Algorithm W, a simple algorithm for type reconstruction in the DHM type system. I'll walk through the main results of the paper, and compare the DHM type system with other more modern systems.

Phil Freeman (@paf31 ( is an engineer at DicomGrid. He is the original developer of the PureScript compiler, author of ( by Example (, a Haskeller & PLT enthusiast.

A huge thank-you to Brainium ( for hosting us this month!

Please do note that because of space constraints, this month's attendance is capped at 20.