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Efficient and General On-Stack Replacement for Aggressive Program Specialization

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Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert will present Soman and Krintz's paper, "Efficient and General On-Stack Replacement for Aggressive Program Specialization (". Maxime had the following to say about the paper:

"On-stack replacement is a technique used in almost every modern JIT. Java JITs, JavaScript JITs, etc. It's still very relevant to JIT compiler design, but it's something you may not learn about in a compiler class. The technique was pioneered in Self, but I thought this paper is best, because the Self paper introducing it also introduces a half-dozen other optimizations, which would just confuse the discussion."

I am very excited about having an interesting compiler paper presented at PWLMTL, and I'm sure all you compiler design afficionados will enjoy this one. For those who don't think they're interested in compilers, consider how insight into JIT optimizations can help you reason about the performance of all that JavaScript, JVM, and .NET code you interact with all the time!

If you have had any trouble getting to the meetups in the past, please let me know if there is something I can do to make it easier. Also, we will try to have food this time as I know that was popular at some of the past meetups.