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"A Survey of Monte Carlo Tree Search Methods"


I will present Browne et al.'s "A Survey of Monte Carlo Tree Search Methods (;jsessionid=B7BB1338BDE1F287ECFC52AD86AFD055?doi=" along with some discussion of the application of MCTS to fuzzing, test generation, and procedural content generation. Some of these aspects can be seen as a followup or tangent to my presentation last year ( on shape grammars and procedural modeling of buildings.

MCTS has been enjoying a lot of interest for its success in playing Go, but it generally has a lot of applicability in search problems where coming up with good heuristics in advance is tricky.

The paper, being a survey paper, is pretty long; if you just want to get the general idea, read sections 2 and 3, which introduce MCTS, UCT, and the ideas leading up to them. (Including the minimization of regret; and who doesn't want to minimze regret?)

Be sure to check out for more MCTS reading.

AdGear have kindly offered to provide space this time. It's right next to metro Square Victoria. Note that the start time is a little earlier than usual; you can come at 6, and I'll try to speak starting around 6:30. As usual, we'll probably move to Pub Vic or a similar venue after the main discussion.

There will be code, beer, and pizza. As usual, if you get here early, you can browse some papers that I think are interesting. Feel free to bring your own collection to share!
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