"A Smarter Way to Find Pitch"


Sevag Hanssian will present "A Smarter Way to Find Pitch" by McLeod and Wyvill (http://miracle.otago.ac.nz/tartini/papers/A_Smarter_Way_to_Find_Pitch.pdf), which presents a practical algorithm for determining the frequency of a sampled sound (e.g. the note being played by a recorded instrument); an interesting aspect is the algorithm also gives a "clarity" metric. Anyone interested in signal processing, computing with audio and music, and so on should enjoy this.

Sevag has done a lot of work on pitch detection, and some of his code related to this paper and others can be found at https://github.com/sevagh/pitch-detection

Thanks to Evolving Web for hosting us again, untether.ai for sponsoring food and drinks, and everyone in the group for their patience in waiting for this meetup happening again.