Bootstrap Meetup: Consensus Algorithms: Paxos and Raft

This is a past event

30 people went

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Hi everyone,
Let's meet and talk about Consensus Algorithm Papers:

In Search Of An Understandable Consensus Algorithm:

The Part-Time Parliament:

Paxos Made Simple:

Who organises it?

It's community-organised. If you'd like to co-organise, moderate or can help in any other way, ping Alex, he'll add you to admins.

How does it work?

We all read papers offline, then we meet together and start up a discussion, hacking, trying things out, bringing up examples from industry and learn more about what we've read.

We've got four lightning talks to heat up the discussion:

- Sorting algorithms based on 0-1 lemma (Stefan Schwetschke)

- RANSAC (random sample consensus) algorithm with a few examples (Kai Wolf)

- Software systems that use Paxos or Raft (Daniel Mitterdorfer)

- An overview how etcd uses the raft protocol (Christine Koppelt)

Why should I participate?

Because papers are fun! It's actually quite easy to read papers, and we'd like to have more people who know about modern Computer Science and Math trends. That would significantly improve your knowledge and marketability.

There are many more papers to read and discuss. You can check some of them on GitHub (