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On Data Banks and Privacy Homomorphisms

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"On Data Banks and Privacy Homomorphisms", by Rivest, Adleman, and Dertouzos (1978).

Presented by Nate Gentile.

Abstract: Encryption is a well-known technique for preserving the privacy of sensitive information. One of the basic, apparently inherent, limitations of this technique is that an information system working with encrypted data can at most store or retrieve the data for the user; any more complicated operations seem to require that the data be decrypted before being operated on. This limitation follows from the choice of encryption functions used, however, and although there are some truly inherent limitations on what can be accomplished, we shall see that it appears likely that there exist encryption functions which permit encrypted data to be operated on without preliminary decryption of the operands, for many sets of interesting operations. These special encryption functions we call "privacy homomorphisms"...

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