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In dataflow programming, programs are represented as directed graphs (and are often assembled visually); data “flows” through arcs and is processed by nodes.

In this presentation, we’ll compare dataflow against the imperative and functional programming paradigms, and explore the suitability of dataflow for two tasks: big data analysis and DSP.

Presenter: Marvin Humphrey

Video introduction to dataflow programming:

Paper: “Advances in Dataflow Programming Languages”, by Johnston, Hanna, and Millar (2004)


How to read the paper, in four optional steps:

0. Skip it and attend anyway - the presentation won't assume attendees have read the paper.

1. Watch the video.

2. Read section 2.1 "The Pure Dataflow Model" on pages 3-4.

3. Read the sections on "hybrid dataflow", "coarse-grained dataflow", and "synchonous dataflow".


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