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PWL #23: A New Implementation Technique for Applicative Languages

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PWL Mini
Tristan Penman presents A Few Useful Things to Know about Machine Learning (

At just over eight pages, this paper by Pedro Domingos delivers an approachable summary of some of the challenges and misunderstandings faced by those new to the field of Machine Learning.

The Main Event
David Graunke presents A New Implementation Technique for Applicative Languages ( from 1979.

The paper describes a technique for eliminating bound variables from lambda calculus programs by compiling to a small set of combinators, and describes a machine for executing the resulting combinator programs.

This paper is a pretty gentle introduction to the challenges of implementing functional languages in a way that's simple and efficient. The compilation algorithm in the paper is based on a very small set of rewrite rules that makes it easy to understand and implement (and fun to do by hand!).

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Thanks to Whitepages for hosting! Enter the building through the doors on 4th Ave, and head for the elevators in the southwest corner of the building. Suite 1600 is on the 16th floor!

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