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PWL Mini

Want to talk about a paper you love (or think is kind of interesting), but not for very long? A PWL Mini is a 10-15 minute opening act, and we've got time for one this month. If you're interested, talk to David and/or Trevor!

The Main Event

Morgan Gellert presents Deep Speech ( and Deep Speech 2 (

I will be presenting a brief overview of modern speech recognition. We will discuss the challenges that are latent in the problem, how classical methods addressed the problem, and how modern systems are changing this model. Deep Speech (Hannun et al.) and Deep Speech 2 (Amodei et al.) present a remarkably simpler architecture that achieves massive improvements over previous works. Their work exemplifies how deep learning is taking over traditional methods across the board on recognition tasks.

Who What Where?

Big ups to Comcast Technology Solutions ( for hosting this month! There will be a person at the front door letting you in and ushering you up to the 11th floor for the event. Food and chit-chat starts at 6:30, presentations start at 7:00.

Please Remember

As a chapter of Papers We Love we abide by and enforce the PWL Code of Conduct ( at our events. Please give it a read, plan on acting like an adult, and involve one of the organizers if you need help.

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