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PWL #39: Grover's Algorithm

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PWL Mini: FLP impossibility result: Presented by Vaidhy!

The main event: Casey presents "A fast quantum mechanical algorithm for database search."

"Imagine a phone directory containing N names arranged in completely random order. In order to find someone's phone number with a probability of 1/2, any classical algorithm (whether deterministic or probabilistic) will need to look at a minimum of N/2 names. Quantum mechanical systems can be in a superposition of states and simultaneously examine multiple names. By properly adjusting the phases of various operations, successful computations reinforce each other while others interfere randomly. As a result, the desired phone number can be obtained in only O(sqrt(N)) steps. The algorithm is within a small constant factor of the fastest possible quantum mechanical algorithm."

Big ups to Comcast Technology Solutions ( for hosting this month!

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