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#2 James MacAulay on Elm: Concurrent FRP for Functional GUIs

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James M. and David K.


James MacAulay ( will be presenting the paper Elm: Concurrent FRP for Functional GUIs ( by Evan Czaplicki (

If you don't have time to read those 50 pages, there is this more compact conference paper ( which was published the following year and covers a lot of the same ground. Evan's presentation from Strange Loop this year ( also provides great context on how Elm ('s model of Functional Reactive Programming compares with others out there.

As part of the presentation, James will be giving a demonstration of Zelkova (, his port of Elm's signal system to Clojure/ClojureScript.

Doors open at 7:30 pm, presentation will begin at 8:00 pm. There will be food and refreshments provided by Shopify.


James MacAulay ( has been developing software at Shopify ( since 2007. He currently leads the API team while managing development as a whole in the Toronto office. In his free time he enjoys sailing, snowboarding, and exploring ideas with code.
Shopify Toronto
80 Spadina Ave. 4th Floor · Toronto, ON
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