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Selfie and the Basics

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Patrick Flor will be presenting on "Selfie and the Basics" by Christoph M. Kirsch, University of Salzburg. Get the paper here:

Please note that this month's meetup is on a different Monday than usual, due to scheduling conflicts: we'll resume our normal schedule in October! This will be during Strangeloop week, so be sure to invite out-of-town friends if they're in the area!

Here's the abstract: "Imagine a world in which virtually everyone at least intuitively understands the fundamental principles of information and computation. However, computer science, in research and in education, is still a young field compared to others and lacks maturity despite the enormous demand created by information technology. To address the problem we would like to encourage everyone in the computer science community to go back to their favorite topic and identify the absolute basics that they feel are essential for understanding the topic. We present here our experience in trying to do just that with programming languages and runtime systems as our favorite topic. We argue that understanding the construction of their semantics and the self-referentiality involved in that is essential for understanding computer science. We have developed selfie, a tiny self-compiling C compiler, selfexecuting MIPS emulator, and self-hosting MIPS hypervisor all implemented in a single, self-contained file using a tiny subset of C. Selfie has become the foundation of our classes on the design and implementation of programming languages and runtime systems. Teaching selfie has also helped us identify some of the absolute basics that we feel are essential for understanding computer science in general."

Patrick Flor's company, Volley Labs will be sponsoring food for this meeting. We're thankful for their support!
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