Three Worlds


jessitron will get philosophical with us this month and present on Karl Popper's "Three Worlds" lecture. She'll supplement the presentation with "A General World Model with Poїesis: Popper's 'Three Worlds' updated with Software" by Walter Hehl

You know a lecture's going to be great when it starts off like this: "In this lecture I intend to challenge those who uphold a monist or even a dualist view of the universe; and I will propose, instead, a pluralist view. I will propose a view of the universe that recognizes at least three different but interacting sub-universes." I've already printed out my copy to read, and I encourage you to read along with me!

You can read Popper's lecture here:

Hehl's paper is available here:

Food this month is generously sponsored by Invisibly (, thanks to them for providing for us!

As always, Lisa Rokusek will be hosting at Human Spaces---don't worry if it looks like you're in a residential neighborhood when you arrive---you're in the right place! There should be plenty of parking along the street in front of the building.