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Log-structured merge-tree with Sreekanth Vadagiri

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I plan to cover 2 papers. But the focus will definitely on the LSM-Tree paper.

The Log-Structured Merge-Tree (LSM-Tree) (

As a brief intro will start with the B trees probably from (The ubiquitous B tree (;jsessionid=E387DEFF3E37473F46B8C83EDDE87E14?doi=

If people are intersted, I can show code for the some of the above.

Some knowledge of Database Internals and some basic algorithms is expected.

The reason this paper is important, is because most modern databases use either of the two ways for storing data.

I have started to create a Reading Helper for Reading the paper. It is here. If you are reading the paper and are confused about things please make a comment and I will update it.