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Shriram is back at Bangalore and has agreed to give a talk on 17th Jan, Sunday evening.

Unlike other meetings, we *do not* have any reading material. Come with an open mind.

Talk Abstract:

The Recurring Rainfall Problem

Soloway's Rainfall problem, a classic benchmark in computing education research, has proven difficult for many CS1 students. Rainfall tests students' abilities at plan composition, the task of integrating code fragments that implement subparts of a problem into a single program. Nearly all prior studies of Rainfall have involved students who were learning imperative programming with arrays. In our recent multi-university study, students learning functional programming produced atypical profiles of compositions and errors on Rainfall. What do these different results suggest about the problem of plan composition and programming education?

This talk raises various questions about the relationships between programming languages, program design, curricula, and how students perceive code structure. I'll describe results from both our earlier Rainfall study and some work-in-progress that attempts to further tease apart these relationships. The talk assumes no experience with either functional programming or having been rained upon.

Joint work primarily with Kathi Fisler.

A bit of rambling from a meetup organizer. Please tolerate.

The only expectation from attendees is to click the right RSVP button once. That's all. How hard is it to be not a jerk? This time, for Shriram's convenience we booked a 3/4 ★ hotel conference room near his accommodation. It is costing someone real money to give you a good space. It is very difficult to plan anything when attendees act without any consideration for the people who try to do good for them. If you are not coming, please RSVP no.

Its alright when a large office is hosting it. InMobi had a lot of space and even if the number goes up or down, we don't care. We will be able to manage. Not when we book a hotel for a fixed number of people. Please don't make me say this after every meetup