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This meetup is for Paradigm Shifters.

People who want to have different or new perspective on current issues. People who want to look for anomalies and want to see the new paradigm dawning. And most of all, people who want to make change possible.

Paradigm Shift is a term used by the philosopher of Science Thomas Kuhn. He described processes of scientific revolution. Science is 'made' in a certain paradigm, a framework of concepts, theories that explain what is at hand. A paradigm shift occurs when certain scientific founds no longer add up to the paradigm. Examples are found that don't fit in the theories or even contradicts them. Most important, they show us the paradigm is no longer possible and that new theories must be formed.

In what kind of paradigm(s) do we live today? What kind of theories or concepts are defining our world view? Is it possible that our current paradigm is holding us back from finding solutions to issues or problems we face today?

So, let's have another look. Where's the crack in the wall? And what do we find when taking a closer look...

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