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Old Bank Bistro Investigation. Fort Erie

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10 people went

Price: CA$15.00 /per person

Location visible to members


Please note, Supper is NOT covered in the price.

Type: Investigation

Level: All

Duration: 7pm - 3am (flexible)

Accessibility: Excellent

Cost: $15

Location: Bridgeburg, Fort Erie

Who Can RSVP: Everyone.

Please note, if any of your guests have attended other events a guest, please encourage them to join the group. There will be events for members only.

Located in Bridgeburg the oldest part of Fort Erie, the Bistro started out life as the Stirling Bank in the early 20th century. Just steps from Bertie Hall (The Dollhouse Museum) this area is steeped in history, legend and suffering. The historic battles spilling out along the river and down the parkway help put the eerie in Fort Erie. (Sorry, I couldn't resist :) The whole surrounding area played it's part in the Underground Railroad with Bertie Hall being one of the most active and prominent buildings used.

Richard Baxter, the original owner and bank manager, died in 1926. His spirit has since been seen wandering around the building.” He’s kind of like a friendly ghost" customer’s say of the bistro's original occupant. There have been many incidents of the ghost making an appearance and actually interacting with guests at the restaurant. It was a local psychic who first took the legends further by researching and locating the grave of Mr. Baxter in Grimsby, Ontario. She was also the one to first identify the spirit as Richard Baxter. Richard has been known to open large heavy doors, turn on the stoves, slam cupboard doors and even move the Christmas tree across the attached apartment floor. He is often seen waiting in the lounge area, observing the patrons before vanishing from view.

Ghost Adventures also used this location when they investigated Fort Erie last year.

Did I mention we are the first group to investigate this location overnight? Other groups have approached the Bistro in the past but we will be the first..

The evening will kick off with supper at the Bistro. This is mandatory for all investigators (not covered in the price). This is to help the group give back to the Bistro for their generous hospitality. Once we have eaten we will discuss the location, activity and the plans for the evening. While the staff close up for the night (10pm close), you are encouraged to take a quick stroll down the parkway to see the Dolls House Museum (Bertie Hall) just one block from the Bistro.

At 10pm we will start setting up the cameras and the investigation will begin around 10:30pm. We have no time limits and can stay as long as we like but I would expect the investigation to wrap up around 3am. With the location being around 90 minutes from Toronto it would be possible to head straight back at that time, or there are many hotels in the area you can choose from.

We will be supplying coffee/tea and snacks during the evening and will have all our "starter" equipment for you to use. This includes EMF Detectors, Digital Thermometers, Digital Recorders and a Compass or two.

What Should I Bring?

You are not required to bring anything; we do have some equipment for you to try. If you have your own equipment then we encourage you to remember your:

• Digital Recorder

• Digital Camera

• EMF Detector

• Thermometer

• Compass

• Flashlight

• Spare Batteries

• Pen/Pencil/Paper