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Isn't being a woman in today's demanding world difficult enough?! Now add the task of attempting to educate & integrate a young woman into this craziness with honesty and stable, focused direction. It can seem to be a difficult if not downright impossible task.

If there's one thing I bring to mothers and daughters, it's empathy: it's not easy being a woman. With greater empathy can come greater trust and support.

Modern society bombards girls and women with having to live up to unrealistic expectations and negative stereotypes from every direction. I support daughters and parents to succeed despite these odds stacked against them.

Who am I? I'm a certified life coach, but one unlike no other you'll ever meet. I nurture the primary bond.

Over the years as a life & relationship coach I've developed practices and techniques that when put in place can help heal damage that has occurred in mother-daughter relationships and begin to lay the ground for a lifelong bond that is priceless.

The quality of the relationship is not as important as whether both the mother and daughter have a clear understanding of the actual narrative underlying the connection. I’m indifferent as to whether at any point in time a mother or daughter absolutely despise the other. All that matters is that they both understand the relationship for what it is at that particular time.

It is said that “time heals all wounds” and that “relationships take time”. But sometimes people must grow apart in order to come back together again. I’m often trusted to be both buffer and glue between mothers and daughters. Through proper translation and interpretation of potential intent, I ensure that wounds are not inflicted too deeply. Through my patience and love I ultimately bring them back together to participate the level of healthy relationships they can form together.

You can obtain additional information on all areas of my coaching and arrange a free consult through my website: TwogetherCoaching.com (http://www.TwogetherCoaching.com)

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