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ऐ हवा में उड़ते परिंदे
मुझे भी आज तुझ संग उड़ जाना है
इस हलकेपन में मुझे भी नाचना है, लहराना है ;
सीने पर आसमां की ठंडक महसूस कर,
ख़ुद से आज सदा के लिये खो जाना है
ख़ुशी के पर फहराते हुऐ आज कहीं दूर निकल जाना है ।

मामूली से अब ऊब चुका हूँ मैं
अब मामूली को ही ग़ैरमामूली बनाना है
ज़िंदगी को उत्सव बनाकर
इस उत्सव को जीना है, मर जाना है
ऐ हवा में उड़ते परिंदे
मुझे भी आज तुझ संग उड़ जाना है ।

We all live among the hustle bustle a city, which is not only a concrete jungle but rather a human zoo. “Zoo” symbolizes “confinement against wishes” to amuse others. We all humans are confined to our life responsibilities and have no respite or rescue from stress. Every day, we are destined to live an ordinary, mundane, and routine life.

In contrary, “Parindey (birds)” are the inspiring creatures that symbolize freedom to roam around.

Birds and the people who love freedom have something common: they must fly freely to feel that they are alive. - 'Mehmet Murat Ildan'

So, let’s join our hands together to combat the mundaneness of life and spend some beautiful moments together to heal our souls on weekends and energize ourselves back into action. Let’s transform the ordinary into extraordinary, the mundaneness to magic, and the dullness to brightness and radiance. This is especially important for them who do not spend much time with themselves during the week. So, let’s make time for life and live our “do pal ki zindegi” leaving behind “sau pal ka jhanjhat”, as it is a curse to live an unlived life!!

Parindey aims at organizing weekend activity meetups, fitness activities and outstation travels to distant locations.

Irrespective of, you are single, couple or part of a family, you're welcome to join this group, subject to our screening process. Parindey, in any ways, does not intend to promote dating or similar activities. Members sending unsolicited messages to other members shall be liable for appropriate action.

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