What we're about

CTO/Chief architect from Paris or passing by, if you recognize yourself in one or several items below, you certainly are someone we would like to meet!

• Millions of page views/months

• Hundreds of millions of rows in database

• Hundreds of jobs by second

• To of data to crunch

• Millions of users

#OpenSource #Frameworks #ReverseProxy #BigData #Hadoop #Mahout #NoSql #HA #AMQP #Redis #StartUp #MachineLearning

Those are just some topics we could talk about, this group's goal is to allow CTOs/Architects with a senior tech background to share about the problems they have and the ways they found to resolve them.

Let's bet that sharing our experiences could make us gain a lot of time on tasks as usual as evaluating new technologies or even being aware of them. Let's share!

Sorry for those we won't accept, we really want to stay focused with the subject!

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Varnish exposed

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