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This is a very informal and friendly group that I formed in early July of 2017.

We are a B-Group, which means we are fit and serious about cycling, but we do not ride as fast as people who compete in races. We are more sportive level, strong enough to finish sportives but not to place in our age groups. We typically train a little harder in the spring to prepare for summer sportives and for group trips in the Alps and other mountains, we are not the right group for you if you are looking to ride crits or actually compete in races. We are more about the ride itself than in how long it takes to get there. Our rides average about 22-24 kph. In the winter we typically ride about 60 km to 80 km and in the summer anywhere between 80 km and 150 km.

Our rides are no-drop, meaning we regroup along the route - typically at key turns and at the tops of climbs - so nobody gets left behind. Typically, our rides range from one to two dozen people. When we have about 25 or more riders, we break into two groups - one faster, one slightly slower - at the meetup point or during the ride, often establishing a rendezvous later in the ride for a coffee break or lunch stop.

We have a distinctly global flavor, which is a byproduct of my poor, but improving, French language skills. This - along with age and weight - hampered my ability to join or remain in contact on rides with other local cycling groups, so I formed my own. Riders who have joined meetups thus far include men and women who hail from France, Great Britain, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, Poland, Spain, Italy, Norway, Iceland, Germany and the U.S.

What we all share in common is a love of cycling and at least decent English language skills, although many languages are spoken during each ride.

We ride most often on Sundays because the streets have less traffic than Saturdays, but in the warmer months we frequently schedule rides for both weekend days.

If this sounds enticing and about your speed, please join us for a ride. FYI, most of us have cycling computers with GPS, which we have found indispensable. Highly recommended that you get one if you don't have one. And, of course, helmets are required.


Jeff Ballinger

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#CC11: Paris > Versailles > Paris

L'Arc Café.

Official page: https://classics-challenge.cc/post/107 Lazy copy-pasta: Pour le dernier CC de l’année, on vous propose comme l'an dernier une petite boucle Paris-Paris. Et rebelote, on inverse l’ordre des départ, les plus rapides partent en dernier pour pouvoir se retrouver nombreux au Km0 et partager des bières. À quelques jours de Noël, c'est l'occasion de fêter dignement cette troisième saison. En attendant la quatrième... Le parcours Du classique pour ce dernier Challenge, avec ce petit aller-retour à Versailles. Pas long. Soixante petites bornes, ça ira très bien en plein mois de décembre. Joli. Comme quoi pas besoin forcément d'aller loin pour s'offrir une tranche de paysage. Et pas trop difficile. Quelques bosses, mais rien de méchant. La map https://www.strava.com/routes/22535256 La sécurité En tant qu'organisateurs, nous sommes responsables et nous nous engageons auprès des préfectures à ce que chacun d'entre nous respecte les feux, les stops, en fait tout le code de la route. Prudence, d'autant que le parcours est très urbain. On insiste et on compte sur chacun de vous pour faire passer le mot. L'esprit Les #CC ne sont pas des courses, avec cet esprit unique qui nous rassemble tout au long de l'année. La solidarité fait partie des valeurs du cyclisme et encore plus entre nous. Un cycliste au bord de la route ? On s'enquiert si tout va bien et on s'arrête si besoin. En cas de chute n'en parlons même pas. Qu'est-ce qui compte le plus que d'arriver en toute sécurité ? Confort et réconfort Avec l'hiver, pensez à bien/plus vous alimenter en prévoyant d'être autonomes côté barres, gels, fruits, sandwiches, beurre de cacahuète et tout ce que vous voulez. Pour la bière du finisher, on vous attend au KM0 ! Pour les inscrits, rendez-vous le 14 décembre au KM0, 20 rue des Acacias, 75017 Paris. Allures et horaires de départ : – 20-23 km/h - départ à 8h – 23-25 km/h - départ à 8h15 – 25-27 km/h - départ à 8h30 – 27-30 km/h - départ à 8h45 – 30-35 km/h - départ à 9h – 35 km/h et plus - départ à 9h15

Sunday recovery ride -

Place de la Porte de Châtillon

This is 80km if you start at Republique with me at 8h30 (in front of the statue) and 10-15km less if you join the group at Place de la Porte de Chatillon (depending on how far you ride to/from home). Strava route: https://www.strava.com/routes/13361583 This is a route devised by Håvard, our favorite Viking who had to go back to his homeland of Norway several months back. Even in his absence, his presence continues to looms large over the group - partly because he is a large loomer (see above right for evidence, which Håvard claims the camera exaggerates his true size) - but also because he's just a great guy with a knack for coming up with great route (even if they tend to be somewhat flat). Depending on the size of the group that shows up Sunday, we may again split into a faster B+ group - which averages perhaps 25-27 km/hour need not wait for the rest of us - and a no-drop B group, which has an average speed of 22-24 km/hour. Please note that the start time listed at 9h is for Place de la Porte de Chatillon. Several of us who live closer to Republique will meet there at 8h30.

PCB kit order - dernière ligne droite

Needs a location

So, this might be our last public event before we start talking money, asking Castelli for a quote and placing the final order. But if someone still wants to join, feel free, it's still not too late - just read on! WHAT WE WILL/MIGHT ORDER Almost surely we will be ordering (meaning we have met Castelli's minimum order limits here): - Aero Race 4.1 Jersey (group orange) - https://www.castelli-cycling.com/fr-en/custom-cycling-clothing/men/tops/p/430020219P-002 - Free Aero Race 4 Bibshort (group orange) - https://www.castelli-cycling.com/fr-en/custom-cycling-clothing/men/bottoms/p/430041619P-010 Most probably we will be ordering (we *just* met the limits, so we should be fine, unless someone changes their mind): - Aero Pro Women's Jersey (group orange) - Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey Quite possibly we will be ordering (we almost met the limits, but still need like 1-2 people to say "yes"): - Aero Race 4.1 Jersey (#suicidalpunks black) - at least extra 1-4 needed - Sorpasso Team Winter Bibtight - at least extra 1-2 needed We still need more people to be able to order: - Free Aero Race 4 Bibshort (#suicidalpunks black) - at least extra 4-6 needed - Aero race Gloves - at least extra 4-5 needed HOW TO JOIN THE ORDER Just add yourself to the order spreadsheet here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xeUQ60MouEDdX6cH1RX-RZ2yMmhWGnsYyAWxiPfw9rI/edit (remember to scroll the sheet right, there is more there) (also, give me a shout if you would like to add something else there too) Or if you can't access/edit the spreadsheet for whatever reason, just send me a Meetup/Whatsapp message, and I could do it for you. Mind you - RSVPing to this event is not enough to participate in the order - you need to complete the order spreadsheet too! DESIGNS These are almost final, but might still change slightly. "3d views" should be added some time next week. Group orange version: - jersey - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CD7yBENxK-BpjSYqGn6VL3x4t2QccjOS - bibshort - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZxhRX_aIJbZ193yhTeZz40FJ0DMvBrYl Black #suicidalpunks edition: - jersey: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oQL48v3SUSYB2bktKs1rMA8MDqpTH2oh - bibshort: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1j1b17GBI1D2N_IhM0zFwAjKUiWay3KBj Note that we will order black edition (assuming these is enough takers to meet minimum order limits, ie 10 items per type) only if there is still enough people up for the orange version. FITTING SESSIONS We have already done our 2 planned fitting sessions. For those who didn't come, the general consensus was "go (at least) 1 size up compared to Castelli sizing tables". We could still do another one, but it would need a host/place to happen - so if you want to host one, just let me know. I am available on the evenings of 5th and 9th of December (I'm away Fri-Sun next weekend), then the fitting kit needs to go back. Alternatively someone could swing by my place in Boulogne earlier and get it for a weekend fitting session, and then bring it back afterwards. Just let me know - either comment here, send a PM or email, or ping me on Whatsapp. QUESTIONS/DISCUSSION Discuss here, or in the dedicated Whatsapp group - just add Dqk9giWxEMHHgRYJOR6xsk at the end of https://chat.whatsapp.com/ (such a new silly anti-spam protection). LINKS/MATERIALS Castelli: - custom mini-site: https://www.castelli-cycling.com/fr-en/custom-cycling-clothing - catalog: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9NzzZjQ5sUqWGVWQlR6Y1Z1Q1JIUGlpM0duRVNWb0F4NDZJ - price list: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9NzzZjQ5sUqRjN5bGlEUEJnSVozZlkwX0ZSeW1NaktTak84 Previous events with more info: - https://www.meetup.com/Paris-Cycling-B-Group/events/265996489/ - https://www.meetup.com/Paris-Cycling-B-Group/events/264702363/ Gallery of previous edition: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nt3Sm1f9BAbYcLya8

(Cinglés du) Mont Ventoux challenge


We have already been there earlier this year, averaging one summit per head per day. Easy peasy! Time to spice it up. As usual, in May I will be in the area, hopefully this time with no recently sprained ankle, and no lower back pain - and would like to give the Cinglés a try! (What are Cinglés? Glad you asked! Read on: https://www.clubcinglesventoux.org/en/club.html) If anyone fancy joining me on the way up and down, and hopefully up and down again, and then, well, again, I would be more that happy to share my misery. The plan would be to: - do classic route from Bédoin (21.5 km, 1610 m D+) - https://goo.gl/DVSJD4 - then descend to Malaucène and go back up again (21 km, 1570 m D+) - https://goo.gl/snZ89X - and finally repeat the exercise on the Sault side (26 km, 1220 m D+) - https://goo.gl/qMqNqf More details on climbs: https://www.cycling-challenge.com/mont-ventoux-all-three-sides/ Or, if this sounds like too much, just do a single ascent - it's a pretty decent challenge as well! Or, on the other hand, if Cinglés are not enough for you, go for Galériens. Or Bicinglettes. Or Everesting. Or whatever floats your boat. Just be there! Regardless of number of climbs, this should work well as real training before l'Etape, Marmotte or any other such evil coming our way not that long afterwards. I will be staying for a week+ some 70 km away, in Saint-Martin-d'Ardèche, and will come to Bédoin only in the morning and leave in the evening - so if someone wants to take care of hosting duties and arrange accommodation etc in Bédoin please speak up! So, who's game? -- Join our "PCB Summer Extravaganza" WhatsApp group for all big summer events related chit-chat and event coordination - just add HB609hKTX0sJa4RDDB5u8f to https://chat.whatsapp.com/ (such a new silly anti-spam protection).

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