TO BE RESCHEDULED - (Cinglés du) Mont Ventoux challenge

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We have already been there last year, averaging one summit per head per day. Easy peasy! Time to spice it up.

As usual, in May I will be in the area, hopefully this time with no recently sprained ankle, and no lower back pain - and would like to give the Cinglés a try!

(What are Cinglés? Glad you asked! Read on:

If anyone fancy joining me on the way up and down, and hopefully up and down again, and then, well, again, I would be more that happy to share my misery.

The plan would be to:
- do classic route from Bédoin (21.5 km, 1610 m D+) -
- then descend to Malaucène and go back up again (21 km, 1570 m D+) -
- and finally repeat the exercise on the Sault side (26 km, 1220 m D+) -

More details on climbs:

Or, if this sounds like too much, just do a single ascent - it's a pretty decent challenge as well!

Or, on the other hand, if Cinglés are not enough for you, go for Galériens. Or Bicinglettes. Or Everesting. Or whatever floats your boat. Just be there!

Regardless of number of climbs, this should work well as real training before l'Etape, Marmotte or any other such evil coming our way not that long afterwards.

I will be staying for a week+ some 70 km away, in Saint-Martin-d'Ardèche, and will come to Bédoin only in the morning and leave in the evening - so if someone wants to take care of hosting duties and arrange accommodation etc in Bédoin please speak up!

So, who's game?


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