What we're about

Paris can be stressful and it's easy to get out of balance. We are here to help you rebalance, stay healthy and flourish. Enjoy the company of open intelligent members in a safe friendly environment, develop skills and share experiences.

You can join weekly Qigong sessions to help you:

Relax deeply and centre your self strongly
Enjoy stillness, serenity and sleep well!
Deal with stressful people and situations
Develop habits that support health
Align your body, strengthen muscles and tendons

Through this group you will also have access to Taiji (Tai Chi) classes, Bagua (kungfu) classes as well as regular events that include:

Self defense and personal protection courses
Martial arts exchanges - meetings for people of different styles
Social events that DO NOT revolve around alcohol
Social events that DO revolve around alcohol
Conditioning sessions - for fitness, coordination and internal strength
meetings with topics suggested by you

I charge money for classes - not all meetups work this way and some members haves asked why? Here are some reasons

I have trained in these arts for more than thirty years, I have dedicated countless hours, late nights, early mornings, refused invitations to training
I have had bones broken, joints dislocated, eyes blacked, nose bloodied not to mention muscle aches and minor strains to gain the knowledge that I have
Every year I spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of Euros to travel, train and research with the best teachers
I've tried teaching for free - I get abused, what I teach is not valued
I am here EVERY WEEK, and I pay PARIS PRICES for rent EVERY WEEK - which is another reason why I expect people who sign up to turn up
NOT TRAINING will cost you a lot more than I'm asking!

I don't like having to talk about this, I think it should be obvious, but I live in a culture that sees to value shiny stuff, alcohol and loud self promotion more than health and quiet value.

So let's move on...

meet some great people and explore the richness of these arts

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