Past Meetup

General meetup, networking et al

Kitty O'Sheas

10 rue des Capucines · Paris

How to find us

back of the bar are stairs which go UP, follow those one at a time, and we should be in the back room, unless of course you are the first person, it is good to be precise about that sort of thing

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ok, I'm too busy again, so my apologies not to schedule this in advance like some among us need and want, it just wasn't possible. Next meetup is a week from now, Thursday April 18th at 8pm, same place, and this will be a general meet and greet, after the last heavily structured session. No screening, no writing, no ghosts, nothing but other people. If this is your first time, the group is very mixed, with equal numbers of regulars and new members, and large extremes in experience, usually between 1 and 30 years in the profession... ie it is easy to mix, and useful for everyone.

I had a request for more highly structured evenings, but part of the pleasure of this is talking, not just listening or watching. So here we go.

A note, I've got a large project due in May and June, so there will probably be no meetup in May, therefore take advantage of this rare offering in this exotic location, also before the hot weather comes and we find out we can't open the windows.

Questions, comments, pitches... write me.