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PARENTS of Foster Children, Adopted Children and Birth Children. We discuss PARENTING TECHNIQUES that bond MOM with DAD, with children in Total Unity. Three Generations or more living TOGETHER in unity TODAY! SPIRITUAL CORRECTNESS that becomes the goal of each FAMILY MEMBER!P

PARENTS and GRAND PARENTS! The PAST is over, done gone, plus you can never change it N E V E R!

ALL PARENTS - GRAND and SUPER GRAND! This is the PRESENT that you have the privilege to make good decisions. You can make good decisions. Once that is done then you need courage and discipline to implement them.

ONCE DONE, that will show you how powerful you are in changing ETERNITY to a wonderful, beautiful, emotional never ending ETERNITY, like this life does! As ultimate PARENTS, you can change ETERNITY into the finest LIFE LIVED!


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