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Souls Anonymous, Mindfulness and Connection
A simple yet potentially profound way of connecting and experiencing. Connections is a catalyst for authentic, embodied living and present moment experience which helps us thrive as individuals who are part of a whole. Connect with yourself and others in this offering while opening to a deeper experience of life. Souls Anonymous is a place where you are welcome just as you are and it's also a place to grow through Mindfulness. **What we’ll do: Get into connection with ourselves through short guided meditation. Then we'll talk about the theme for the night and engage in exercises and learnings around topics such as present moment experience, compassion, sensing through body and mind, authenticity, connecting with curiosity, being grounded in the body, connecting through soul, and opening into unknown. *This is a nurturing environment where you can come as you are. Shy, Introverted (me!), Highly Sensitive (me!), Gregarious, Charismatic, Quiet, Boisterous, Somewhere in the Middle. There is a place for you within the group. (RSVP Instructions at very bottom. This class will be held once or twice a month and each class stands on its own-meaning you can attend at any time. No previous experience required.) Whether you’re inclined to tippy toe in, dip your foot in the pool, jump in full force, or just observe and take it all in for a while, you are welcome. *Connection with ourselves and others is something we need to thrive as humans. And the scientific evidence is in—depression, addiction, and many other struggles are often symptoms of a deep need simply not being met. That need is connection. *Personally, I used to be scared of connecting with people I didn’t know. Actually, I was terrified. After years of practicing and learning how to connect with myself and others, this is most rewarding part of my life and I’m happier and healthier in every corner of my being. I’m far from perfect at connecting. I still get cold feet sometimes when I find myself in a new group. I persist though. I stick it out past the fears because I know my life is rich because of the deep connections I allow myself. RSVP: Prepayment is required to secure your spot. Must cancel within 48 hrs via Meetup and you will receive a refund. Prepay via Paypal by sending $22 to Anne at [masked] (choose options 'send money' on Paypal and then you can enter email address.)

Center For Transformation

19563 East Mainstreet #203 · Parker, CO


What we're about

Welcome to Parker Personal and Spiritual Development Group!! I provide a small & intimate safe space for you to grow personally and feed your Soul/Higher Self ~ your wisest & most loving part of yourself! We are here to share, learn, heal, practice, and explore those areas of our life that need nurturing from a spiritual/mental/emotional/physical perspective!

As for me, I am a Transformational Coach, Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Healing Facilitator, Reiki Master/Teacher and Registered Psychotherapist......but, that doesn't quite explain it all! ;) I am a passionate woman who loves LIFE, nature, and learning new things!! Come learn something new, meet a new friend, step beyond limitation, connect with your Higher Self and start LIVING your Soul Purpose ~ your Mission! have one!

Connecting with like-minded others feeds the deepest part of us, including the Soul = creates a Spark = Fuels your Passions = Ignites a FLAME IN YOU!

This group is intended to attract people from all walks of life and at various stages of their growth and development. There is SO much more to life than what we experience with our five hopefully our events help to inspire, transform, and rejuvenate you to fill that empty space in your life with something meaningful and get you back on track to living your Soul Purpose!

I plan to have a variety pack of classes & workshops from counselors, psychics, healers, & teachers from the Parker and Denver area. Check out what we have had so far and let me know if you want me to bring something back or add something new! I want to hear from YOU!

Let's get connected and feel free to bring a friend!!! Don't waste another day & DIVE IN!

Love and Light,

Anne Arndt

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