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Welcome to Soulful Parker/\ and Aurora!! I provide a small & intimate safe space for you to grow personally and also feed your Soul/Higher Self ~ your wisest & most loving part of yourself! We are here to share, learn, heal, practice, and explore those areas of our life that need nurturing from a spiritual/mental/emotional/physical perspective!

As for me, I have a transpersonal psychology private practice in Parker. I offer Somatic Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, Coaching and Reiki......but, that doesn't quite explain it all! ;) I am a passionate woman who loves life, people, nature, and learning new things.

I am also a highly sensitive and empathic being who experiences the world deeply. Connecting with others and helping to make the world a better places are two of my favorite things. I constantly seek to maintain peace within myself as I navigate the world as a high sensory being.

Connecting with like-minded others feeds the deepest part of us, including the Soul = creates a Spark = Fuels your Passions = Ignites a FLAME IN YOU!

This group is intended to attract people from all walks of life and at various stages of their growth and development. There is SO much more to life than what we experience with our five senses.....so hopefully our events help to inspire, transform, and rejuvenate you to fill that empty space in your life with something meaningful.

Let's get connected and feel free to bring a friend!!!

Love and Light,

Anne Arndt



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