What we're about

“Partners in Crime” is a network of criminal justice professionals who seek to improve their practice through referrals, face-to-face networking, and marketing.

In the criminal justice field, clients want to know that their professionals are someone that they can trust. When their time, money, and in many cases, their freedom, is on the line, working with the right professionals every step of the way is crucial to a client’s peace of mind. Since maintaining good client relationships is vital for any firm or practitioner’s business, you also want to guarantee that the person you send your client to is one that you can trust as well.

That is where your Partners in Crime come in.

Who are we?

We seek to create a network of criminal justice professionals in New York City that you know you can trust. As a community, we have to rely on all aspects of the criminal justice system every time we have a new client, and through Partners in Crime, we can get to know one another face-to-face so you and your client can feel comfortable with another professional taking on the next aspect of their case.

What do we do?

Through our meetings, we seek to find out what each member considers their primary areas of expertise and what other members could offer you from a professional network. We will discuss referrals and build our individual networks. Partners are encouraged to bring business cards and be prepared to let us know what you do and what you expect to gain from the group. We will also discuss other marketing techniques that have worked for Partners in the past in order to help us all grow our businesses.

Who do we want to join us?

We want criminal justice professionals who are interested in meeting consistently and developing relationships with other professionals in the field. We want professionals from diverse practice areas who are constantly developing their expertise and who have clients that are willing to come back to them if they need help again. Relevant practice areas include, but are not limited to:

· Private Detectives and Investigators

· Bail Bondsmen

· Forensic Accountants

· Forensic Psychologists

· Expert Witnesses

· Mitigation Experts

· Other professionals in the Criminal Justice field

Above all, we want professionals who believe in maintaining relationships with their clients and who want to send their clients to the best.

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The Blanch Law Firm
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