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"The 3-Step Formula of Attracting Anything You Want"

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Thank you for introducing the LOA to me. It has made a great difference in my life. I am now surrounded by positive people and this has made me very positive. Before practicing the LOA, I might have 10 negative thoughts a day, now it has come down to 1 only, or even half, because I am learning to stop myself half way. Really appreciate being part of this Group. ~Sriram Dharmapadam

I am getting good at mastering the techniques of deliberate creation after joining this LOA Study Group. I have manifested support to help achieve my health goals. And I have attracted repeatedly the desired roles for my voluntary work. I enjoy participating in the meetings to support others and receive support from others as well. ~Damian Ng

Joining this LOA Study Group has had a profound and life-changing influence in my life. For two years I had been living under a dark cloud. Without knowing it, I was the magnet whose thoughts of despair perpetuated the storm clouds which allowed them to continue rolling in. Practicing the LOA was the bright ray that burst through the gloom which enlightened and filled me up with blissful sunshine. Thanks to the Law of Attraction, I have manifested 2 job offers in one day, and the apartment I attracted is an exact match to the list of requirements I have written down. ~Samantha Binns

Beautiful friendships are what I manifested with setting up this Group, so I no longer feel as lonely as before. During the process of preparing for the last movie show, I felt like I can depend/rely on someone else COMPLETELY (and be trusting and relaxed instead of being a control freak) for the very FIRST time in my entire life, which is HUGE for me. Also I have been wanting to write articles regularly for the last 8 years but did not happen. I am happy to report that I attracted a professional health editor into my life last week, and the best part is I don’t have to pay for her service; she would barter with me giving her Cantonese lessons. How nice? ~Mag Ma


What is the Law of Attraction (LOA) ?

“It gives you everything you want: happiness, health and wealth.” ~Bob Proctor

“You can have, do or be anything you want.”~Dr Joe Vitale

“We can have whatever it is that we choose, no matter how big it is .” ~John Assaraf

Date: (Mon) April 15

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Location: Pacific Coffee, Kingston Street, Causeway Bay

Price: HK$100. per person

The Law of Attraction Study Group 2013

To summarize the Law of Attraction (LOA) in three words: “Thoughts Become Things”, or in 5 words “We Attract What We Vibrate”. Everything that is in our lives right now, we have either attracted them by default or by deliberate creation.

Most of the time, however, we are Creating By Default because we are thinking about we don’t want, and by doing so, creating more of what we don’t want.

When we tune into our creative power by the 3 step formula of LOA,

Things are in flow. We are in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people, and things we want just fall on our laps with ease.

It takes discipline and practice to be a Powerful Deliberate Creator. That’s why we set up this group in Jan 2013 to allow a group of like-minded people, to walk down the same path together, reminding and supporting one another, to uplift, inspire and provide positive energy for oneself and others.We meet every alternate Monday evenings in Causeway and had 5 meetings so far.

We are happy to have you join us and impact Hong Kong with our attractive, positive, up-beat, uplifting and inspiring energy …

1/April - Movie Show 'The Secret' + Popcorn - 34 attended

18/Mar -Art of Staying in the Vortex – 11 attended

4/Mar - Create your Vision Board – 16 attended

18/Feb - Ask & It is Given – 7 attended

28/Jan - LOA Intro Seminar by Michael Loiser – 11 attended

Mag Ma, Law of Attraction Study Group Leader

- Started the LOA journey by reading Abraham-Hicks’ books : New Beginning I and II in 2002

- Attended Michael Losier’s LOA training in 2004 in Toronto, Canada.

- Led LOA Study Group for 2 years, 2005-2006 in Toronto, Canada.