NASCAR driving experience at Kansas City speedway

Location image of event venue


For my 40th I want to have a go in a nascar.

Check out for full details about the experience.

Prices start at $100 for a 3 lap full speed shotgun ride in a proper nascar. I’m gonna sign up for the checkered flag experience which is 3x 8 minute driving sessions.

They had special offers on Father’s Day last year, but it looks like the offers are always the same, just the name of the sale changes. I’ll be watching the prices over the next few months to see if there is any movement.

Update: 9/3/19: There is a Groupon for the organizer that brings the three lap ride a long down to $82, but careful cos the 5 minute ‘practice’ session was actually more expensive. I’m sticking to checkered flag experience and haven’t seen any price movement yet.

Anyone welcome to do any experience they wish, or just come and hang out and watch.

Nearer the date will set up a separate event for a party in the evening.