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This group is for all of Pasadena, Altadena and the surrounding area's large dogs! We can plan neighborhood walks, local hikes, dog park days, private events at members homes, doggy birthday parties, swim parties, group training exercises, team pet charity events, and dinner dates at local dog-friendly restaurants! Our events will take place locally as well as in the greater LA area, but mostly local :P

Group Rules:

• Must live in the Pasadena/Altadena area, or close enough that you can make it to events

• Your dog/s should be at least 50 pounds and at least 18 inches +/- at the shoulder (think Labrador size and up).... No small dogs that think they're a big dog lol!**

• Your dog/s should be friendly to ALL dogs regardless of gender or whether or not they are fixed/intact

• You may still join if your dog has issues with other dogs, however, for example if your dog is friendly towards all dogs EXCEPT females, or all dogs EXCEPT intact male dogs, it is your responsibility to make sure there will be no female dogs or no intact male dogs at the event. "Friendly-to-everyone" dogs get first priority to RSVP to events ;)

• IMPORTANT: You are responsible for your dog and his/her behavior!! In the event your dog injures another dog or person or damages property, YOU are personally, legally, and financially responsible for the injury/damages and all bills related to the injury/damages.

** This is a group for BIG DOGS ONLY. A lot of our members have small dogs too and that's great, we love dogs of all sizes! BUT, even if your small dog is great with big dogs, please understand that not everyone else's big dogs will be OK with your small dog. They may chase it like prey or accidentally step on him and hurt him. We would like to keep this group fun for big dogs to get out and make buddies, so it will usually be better for your smaller dog to stay home during our events. Of course some events like walks or hikes should be OK for all dogs regardless of size. Please ask the host first before bringing your small dog.

Kids & Big Dogs... again we would like to keep this group fun for all big dogs. Not all the dogs will have been around children. Please do not bring children to the events without asking the host first.

Other Rules:

• No flaking! The hosts put their time, money and energy into planning fun events for the group. No shows and repeated flaking is not allowed and will result in removal from the group. Constantly changing your RSVP from "yes" to "no" within 24 hours of an event will result in removal from the group. We cannot tolerate (for example) 10 dog owners signing up to walk as a group at the Rose Bowl at 7pm and on the night-of everyone cancels or flakes and leaves the host ALONE in the dark with their dog.

• Most events will have a $5 deposit fee in order to be added to the guest list for that event. This fee is always refunded to you after your attendance at the event or if you cancel at least 48-hours prior to the event. It will not be refunded for any reason if you cancel within 48 hours of the event. This is how we protect our Event Hosts from No-Shows. Its easiest to make a deposit using paypal or venmo, but if you don't have paypal/venmo you can let your Host know and we will figure out another way to make the deposit.

• So that you stand out in a crowd, please have a real CLEAR photo of yourself as your profile pic so we know who you are (otherwise we'll have to start wearing name tags- not cool!)

*****Please let me know if you would like to become a host for our group and plan a group walk or Event!*****

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