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Calling all Formula De, players

Looking for 4 others to play 4-5 different tracks with 3 Lap races.
in Pasadena stating around 7pm on 2nd wenesday of the month We will play once a month with one track
per session. Tracks randomly chosen from 16, were excluding oval & oval like tracks, and tracks that have all one stopper turns plus only 1 multiple stopper turn.) I expect the race to take 3.5 hours or so.

Each Player will handle a pair of team cars.
Award points as per rules,
-1 point for crashing a racecar

You will have ONE spare car in your
inventory with a random weakness in one category, (gear/engine/suspension) hidden
from other players

Of the total races run you will be able to drop the results of ONE race.
If you cant make a race date then you can designate that rate as the drop.

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