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With the use of Hypnotherapy, increase your awareness of your wise-self, spiritual-self, higher-self and/or a higher-power, explore past life memories, Increase self-love & your tolerance for happiness. Become more aware of your successes both big and small, in this lifetime & in other lifetimes. You can learn as much from your accomplishments as you can from your mistakes. Everybody, every lifetime, has had many of both.

When you focus on your strengths, you are likely to become even stronger in those particular areas. By focusing awareness on strengths & successes, keeping thoughts & attitudes positive, much can be gained.

Spiritual Hypnosis and Past Life Regression experiences may have many benefits for your spiritual growth and/or personal development. Each group session is focused on personal or spiritual development or both through the use of both Spiritual Hypnosis and/or Past life Regression Hypnosis.

The important thing to understand about Past Life Regression is that it’s not important to believe in past lives for the experience to be beneficial. Whether or not past life memories are Fantasy or Metaphor, Soul Taping, Actual Soul Memories (Reincarnation), Universal Consciousness, Genetic Memory or something else, many people have reported valuable current life insights can be gained from them. People of varying beliefs have equally benefited from past life regression experiences.

Usually, in a group setting I invite you to focus on positive experiences. If you have a fear or phobia, private sessions may be best for you (talk to me first). Be aware that you are in control and can, at any time, simply choose to imagine something differently than suggested. For example if I suggest imagining a tunnel, you are free to instead imagine a pathway of some kind, or whatever comes to you comfortably and quickly instead. During the regression experiences, I’m going to invite you, to simply detach from any physical or emotional discomfort and you are able to notice the events objectively just as in experiencing any other story objectively, while also being able to immerse yourself in the positive experiences.

With Spiritual Hypnosis, get in touch with the spiritual aspects of your self, connect with your spirit guides, spirit group, council, angels, god, or the universe(s). Some people have spiritual insights or revelations, they come to possess a deeper understanding, or a spiritual knowing, or a spiritual awareness that comes from deep within themselves. Explore your spiritual existence & purpose. You are invited to open your heart and soul to the beauty, truth, and wisdom reverberating & resounding within.

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