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Welcome to the Pasadena Sweat Lodge meetup.com page! The Pasadena Sweat Lodge welcomes people of all paths and traditions. We are a like-minded group of folks who care about the healing of the planet and all its beings.

What is Sweat Lodge?
Sweat lodge is older than written history. Throughout history, people cultures have sought ways to purify, heal and pray, and sweat lodges are one example of a purification and healing ceremony. In the United States, sweat lodges are associated with Native American traditions. However, many cultures around the world have used sweating for purification and healing. The Finns, Celtic tribes, ancient Greeks and Romans, and Eastern European peoples all used some sort of sweat bath for healing and purification. We are a non-traditional lodge, as our collective paths are many.

The Ceremony:
The sweat lodge ceremony consists of four ‘rounds.’ At the beginning of each round, hot rocks are brought into the lodge and placed in the fire pit in the northeast portion of the lodge. Once the rocks are in the pit, the sweat ceremony begins. Water is poured on the rocks during each round and steam rises. In the first round, we call the spirits, ancestors, energies and universe into the lodge to sweat with us and then we pray for ourselves. During the second round, more hot rocks are brought in, and we pray for others. The third round varies depending on the purpose of the lodge. However, the third round is usually a ‘give away’ round where we ‘give away’ those things within ourselves that create disharmony on our path and within us with the intent to release them. Once we have released the ‘fodder,’ we then ‘give away’ our gifts and beauty with the intent to share them with the world. The final round is a thanking of all the energies and spirits that joined us in lodge and several minutes of silence to journey or meditate. Lodge is beautiful, magical and profound.
Our lodge is rather large and roomy. There are blankets covering the floor for comfort. You will take water in the lodge with you and you may drink at any time throughout the lodge. Lodge is a sacred space. So please, all cell phones should be left outside the lodge.

Sweating Safely - You may leave the lodge at any time. Honor yourself. If you feel too hot, you may leave the lodge and come back in the lodge during the next round. Just let the lodge leader know you need to leave and the door will be opened. You may also sweat from outside the lodge. Many people have amazing experiences sitting against the outside the lodge. No one is ever, ever stuck in lodge!

Preparing for Lodge:
Sweat lodge is a sacred ceremony. Come with sacred intent. We sweat for purification and rebirth, to pray, heal and have fun in the process. Smiles and laughter are always okay and welcome!
Eat light before lodge and drink water the day of to be hydrated. We suggest you abstain from alcohol or recreational drugs at least 1 day before the lodge and the day of lodge. You are seeking healing and purification, and it will be easier if you are more toxin free to begin with. Bring two towels, one for in lodge and one to dry with after lodge and loose fitting clothing to wear in sweat lodge (shorts & t-shirt or tank top are good, or some people prefer bathing suits, sarongs, or trunks). Bring plenty of bottled water to drink in lodge.


Arrival Time: Gathering time is 6:30 p.m. unless otherwise posted and most lodges are held on Saturdays, but sometimes on other days too. Once all have arrived, we introduce ourselves and share a bit about ourselves. We will also take time to explain the sweat lodge ceremony. We start sharing at 7 p.m. and aim to be in lodge by 8 pm. Once in lodge, the ceremony lasts around 2 to 2 1/2 hours, sometimes less, rarely more. Please plan to stay for the entire ceremony, even if you do not stay in the lodge until completion. This is to honor everyone in attendance and the energies, spirits and ancestors who have come to sweat with us.

Post-Lodge Potluck: After lodge, we gather in the house, and the ceremony is closed. We ask everyone to bring some food to share. It’s a good idea to have a little food after lodge, especially if you have some distance to drive home. Eating helps you to ground and helps bring you back into your body. Also, it’s just nice to share food and socialize a bit after lodge.

Moon Cycle: This is a non-traditional lodge. We do not subscribe to the practice of prohibiting women to participate if they are on their moon cycle. You are welcome to join the lodge if you are on your cycle.

Donations –
We appreciate a donation of $30 as a great deal of work and effort goes into preparing and holding a sweat lodge. This also helps pay for the gas to heat the rocks, use of the land, the water used to pour (we use distilled), and upkeep of the property, including washing the lodge blankets. However, no one will be turned away for lack of money. In the event you cannot donate $30, contact us. Medicine gifts to the water pourer and fire person are optional, but could be sage, cedar, sweet grass or tobacco. These items are all things we use during lodge ceremonies.
Summary of items to bring:
Clothes to wear in the sweat
Water to drink in lodge
A potluck item
Lodge location and schedule information – Pasadena, CA, contact Karen at (319) 621 4302 or kkochisj@gmail.com. Email for lodge schedule and to be placed on lodge mailing list.

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