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First Meeting: Intro to the MasterMind/State Desired Outcome
The day annd time are not written in stone. I am talking to the folks who are interested and trying to make it work for everyone. I only want it to be in the day during the week as opposed to evening. Also it could be every other week but thats the max between meetings for it to actually work as intended.Email me and I will call you/message you back to interview you (and you me) to see if we are a good fit to create the MasterMind together. I want to start with no more than 6 so we can tune in to each other to understand our goals and desires. Also, we need some time to read from both Think and Grow Rich and 22 Principles of Success. Why not take advantage of our richest resource...each other. This group is all about each of us moving forward and creating harmonious support for each member to get to where they want to go with their business.

Private Home

to be given upon acceptance into group · South Pasadena, ca


What we're about

Looking for 6 like minded others to form a classic NH mastermind group at my house in South Pas. Like minded would mean you know who I mean by NH. Like minded would mean you believe that you are completely responsible for your life. Complaining, blaming, and the like would not be like-minded. Looking for others who want to expand to a greater level of success...NOW. We will use The 22 Principles of Success and TAGR as our textbooks.

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