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In 2009, patriots all over this country became mobilized over the healthcare act proposed by Obama. Tea Party and 9/12 groups were formed by the grassroots patriots in this great country. At that time we declared that we were TEA (taxed enough already). In 2010, we were able to energize the vote and take back the House of Representatives. Now we have taken back the House and the Senate.

The feelings that we had when Obamacare was forced down our throats did not even compare to what we were feeling when we lost the 2012 election. The loss of that election was devastating, but it was our own fault. Our message of Constitutional values must be well communicated, lest we be saddled, again, with a government that is for itself and not for WE THE PEOPLE.

Now, with the election of a DC outsider, we have an opportunity to make the necessary changes in our party, in the delivery of our conservative message and in the candidates we send to Washington. We must continue to support conservative values and candidates, so we don’t lose our beloved America, forever!

It will be an interesting ride with President Trump. We can only pray that our borders will be secured, our healthcare options improved and the Supreme Court saved. We also need to pray for the elimination of the terrorist organizations. Hopefully, the military hardliners appointed by the president will develop a successful plan to deal with this worldwide scourge.

Before you know it, the election of 2018 will be here.. As we saw with the Obama machine, it is never too early to start reaching out to the people. Make sure everyone you know is registered to vote. When candidates are declared, please provide your friends with the information needed to make them informed voters. Use your churches and social media outlets to disseminate information. Talk to your children and grandchildren about this great country and the values imparted by our Constitution. If we want to save this country, we cannot give up.

God help us all, as we continue to work to save our great country.

Find a cause that is of particular interest to you and dedicate your time to making a difference. If you have information on an issue that is important to the people, please post it on this site. Meetings and organizations that can affect our rights, as outlined by the Founding Fathers, will be listed here. Please participate.

Let's use this site to help accomplish our goals of smaller government, lower taxes and less spending. We do this by amplifying the voices of WE the PEOPLE!!!

Please participate in this site and become one of WE the PEOPLE.

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