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If you have been drawn to this Passion Quest Meetup Group, you too are someone who desires to create a life filled with love, joy, abundance, supportive relationships, and a career or lifestyle where you can discover your gifts, and express yourself in a passionate way. You can feel that a New Universe is being created, and want to be a part of the shift that is happening. This Meetup Group will provide you with opportunities to work collectively with other like-minded individuals who are all feeling the urge to clear away old stories, leaving room for new heightened understanding, awareness, and transformation of consciousness. Stay tuned for upcoming events being provided by Passion Quest.

* Robin Moyer is an experienced Certified Quantum Spiritual Life Coach and
Workshop Facilitator

Passion Quest is the result of my heart's desire to live every day in sync with the life my intuition tells me is available to each of us and to assist others in doing the same. Everything is possible when we are in accord with the yearnings of our Higher Self and accessing the vastness of our Superconsciousness.

* The Services of Passion Quest include:
Certified Spiritual Life Coaching, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy, Individual and Group Quantum Discovery and Healing Work, Stargate Facilitation and Coaching, Past-Life Regressions, Shamanic Journeys, Numerology Charts

You may also be interested in having individual one-on-one Spiritual Coaching with me. Please check out my website at for a list of services.

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